9545 Town park Dr.

Houston,TX 77036



(713) 771-1038

Every special includes  a tea or a soft drink

Welcome to Tejas Taco House!

MONDAY - Burrito
Extra Large tortilla filled with seasoned meat and beans, topped with sauce and queso served with rice and salad... $ 6,99
TUESDAY - Enchiladas Verdes
3- Chicken Enchiladas filled with seasons chicken, Monterey jack cheese, topped with green tomato sause and sour cream served with rice and beans... $ 6,99
WEDNESDAY - South of the Border Tacos
3 Corn tortillas filled with beef fajita sauteed onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, avocado , fresh crumbled Mexican white cheese served with rice and beans ... $ 6,99
THURSDAY - Pollo en Crema / Mexican Cowboy Lunch
Grilled chicken breast topped with delicious cream cheese sauce served with rice and saldad... $ 6,99
 A lightyl breaded steak served with golden crisp potato wedges, refried beans, avocado slices, and two flour tortillas... $ 6,99
FRIDAY - FIsh Tacos
Three blackened Tilapia fish tacos fille with a signature cabbage mix and special creole sauce, served with rice and beans... $ 6,99